Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Reflections

I'm still as much of an unrealistic and hotheaded idealist as ever, but I've come to see that as less of a positive thing than I've previously been convinced it was.

Grace is both a life-giving force and source of utter devastation all at once.

Waiting is about the hardest work a person can do. It requires you to know that you're not in charge.

Being aware of God's covenant faithfulness to His children takes the fear out of parenting.

Listening to Andrew Peterson's Counting Stars with my wife on a Sunday morning and skipping church is sometimes far more refreshing than attending church. (But only sometimes.)

It's easy to lose grace when we start pointing out all the people we don't think God's forgiven.

Why do we in the church like to make laws out of peripheral issues? It takes all the fun out being part of the "holy catholic church" when we're constantly tearing down our brothers and sisters.

The longer I'm alive, the more I realize life wouldn't be worth living if I wasn't convinced of the gospel. The meaning it gives to everything I do and everything that happens to me would, if lost, reduce this life to nothing.

I need Jesus more than ever.