Wednesday, June 8, 2011


A sudden quake may strike:
Your innards quiver
Turmoil stirs
Your heart may beat
A little

And breath may be
Short, shallow

And you - you are weak,
An unanchored mass
Of tectonic uncertainty
Who shifts with the slightest
Change in pressure

Hold: firm. There is One
Whose presence is like
Concrete. He knits
That which shifts, and binds
That which shakes.

Let quaking cease. The One
Holds all.


Do not let the gentle
Waves break unheeded
On your heart's shore

Take the time to note
The wake they leave,
The swirling foam's impression
On the sand

And bits of broken
Shells, the detritus
Of eons of the sea's cycle

Washing warm, over your
Tender soul