Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Boys in Blue (and Teal)

Spring is coming, and to me that means baseball season is fast approaching. And I am ... well, I'd like to say I'm more excited than ever about the upcoming season for the Mariners, but really my excitement is probably comparable to other years. What can I say? I maintain a lofty level of passion about Mariners baseball. But my anticipation is, I think, fed by the fact that I got an early birthday present from my wife last week: a 16-game plan to ... well ... 16 home games for the Mariners.

I do, however, have no small amount of trepidation. Last season I had very high hopes for this year's outfield. With Ichiro in center, Jose Guillen in right and maybe Adam Jones in left, (with Raul Ibanez DH'ing) it would have been a fantastic trifecta of blazingly powerful arms in the outfield. Now with the departure of both Adam and Jose, our outfield looks rather bleak. I am not at all impressed with the addition of Brad Wilkerson, and would far rather see Mike Morse (who's having a very hot spring, for whatever that's worth) playing right than Wilkerson. Morse has paid his dues, I think, and am sure he's every bit as good, if not far better, than Mr. Wilkerson.

That being said, I'm very excited about their starting lineup. Last year it was dismal; this year it looks to be amazing. And, thanks to my loving wife who got me the best birthday present ever, I'll have a chance to see the two A-listers pitching back-to-back on March 31st and April 1st - the two first games of the season. Erik Bedard and Felix Hernandez. The ol' one-two combo. Lights out. Shut 'er down. Etc. I'm pumped.

And you heard it here first (or maybe not, who knows): Richie Sexson - .265, 45, 130. That's right.

And Beltre (who, by the way, has quickly become my favorite player who currently wears the blue-and-teal) will get the Gold Glove again this year.

And we'll win the West, and get to the AL Championship Series.

(And I'm more than willing to eat my words. I do every year, and I'm starting to enjoy the taste. Eternal optimism tastes a lot like chicken, actually.)

Friday, March 14, 2008


It's repetitive - constant friction,
pressure that wears,
corrodes your surfaces, scrapes away
skin, tissue with little discretion
through nothing more than
unpenitent tenacity.

My skin cracks, chafed by
the shaving , screeding - am I
honed, or hewed? There's
differences, and I have
A right to know. Don't I?