About the Author

Jesse Dempsen is a husband to one wife and father to three daughters. And he's pretty okay with that arrangement. They are all the joy of his life.

When Jesse writes, he likes to sign his name to things as J.M. Dempsen. It makes him feel like J.R.R. Tolkien, or C.S. Lewis, or J.K. Rowling. Or J.K. Simmons. (Probably not J.K. Simmons.)

Jesse works for a ministry in White Swan, Washington, on the Yakama Reservation, as a teacher, bus-driver, Sunday-school teacher, youth leader, and more. He loves the people of the Yakama nation and deeply desires to see Jesus bring revival to a people who truly need it.

Jesse, most importantly, loves and follows Jesus. And he hopes you do, too. But even if you don't, you're welcome to read what he writes, anyway. For a small fee.

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