Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Beatitudes: Poverty

A preface: in the Bible study I lead, we're going through the Sermon on the Mount, that seminal teaching of Jesus at the beginning of his ministry in Matthew 5-7. Sort of to commemorate the occasion, I thought I'd return to the poetry series I began several years ago themed around the Beatitudes. I think I made it almost through "hunger and thirst for righteousness," but didn't quite finish it. I'll try to plug through this time and get them all done. And maybe continue on through the rest of the sermon, who knows?

Anyway, without further ado,


How am I poor?
Do not make me count the ways
Mercy, at your door
This beggar pleads his helpless case.

Choked on my sin,
From trying hard to gorge myself with its
Empty deceit,
And greed, and lust, and lies, and laziness.

I spew it up
And ask for sweet exchange
A holy cup
Of Jesus' blood arranged.

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