Monday, June 30, 2008


We touch the formidable thing
whose harness only exists when
we dream it, otherwise it
runs uncontrollable, pulling us along
as we grip its cords

I can no more tame it
than I can tame myself
it drags me into obscurity
perhaps infamy, who knows -

Perhaps taming's never the thing
to do with it; maybe it's not
meant to be a struggle
and maybe you were never meant
to steer it

Maybe you never looked to see
there's someone at the reins already
and He seems to know what he's doing,
and the thing is like a colt
turning at His touch

And maybe you're just supposed to hold on
let the fellow with the reins steer
and quit trying to take them
out of His hands


  1. Hello, Jesse. . . you don't know me, but I'm a half-century old homeschooling mother of 5 who isn't real keen on poetry. Somehow I stumbled across your blog a while back (before the fatal button that sent so much of your work into oblivion...I prayed for you!). Just wanted you to know that I can read your poems and make sense of them; and actually enjoy them. I have a poetess friend that despairs of me, but between she and others like you, I think there's hope. Anyway, I am also a Rich Mullins fan, and LOVE the song that you've posted the lyrics to at the beginning of your blog. Just wanted you to know that you're a blessing to those you don't even know. . . but I'll see ya in HEAVEN! Thanks Bro! Linda

  2. Hi Linda,

    It's odd the friends the blogging world brings across your path. I'm glad you enjoy my attempts at poetry.

    It was those lyrics at the top of my page that prompted me to change the name of my blog: we're all just strangers here, and I feel like one more recently than ever before.

    Thanks for your words. They're a real encouragement.