Wednesday, September 5, 2007

"Simple Man"

I didn't write it, but I probably should have for how well I think it encapsulates the philosophy I try to have on life. A fella by the name of Jonah Werner wrote and sang it, and he does a pretty darn good job at both. Would that we could all be "simple men" (oh ok, simple people.... sheesh, you PC police are everywhere...).

Some say strangers are the strangest ones you meet
I bet a few good folks would say the same of me
It's the same old song with a different beat
I've got a homegrown soul, and homeless feet
I've got a black-beard face and dirt-stained hands
I've got a carpenter's build and a farmboy's tan
I didn't come with much, and I'll leave the same
And I live just for today, 'cause I'm a simple man

Lalalala lalalala

Some say good comes from livin' it up
But better than good is just having enough
And saving the rest for those in need
'Cause when you go you know you gotta leave it
You shoot the stars, you better shoot the moon,
You better seize the day, it'll be gone soon
You can call me crazy, you can call me sane
but not a whole lot's going to change 'cause I'm a simple man

lalalala lalalalala
Oh I don't know too much about anything
What I know is enough for now, and it's enough to make me sing

You've got to look at the morning as a brand new day
Pray for the babies and amazing grace
Sing halellujah for the river running and look for glory coming home again
Use love as your legs not love as your cane
Shout for the bread and dance for the rain
Do with what you got, with all you can
That's what I do and that's why I'm a simple man

lalalala lalalalala

Simple's not just enough for the road
Simple is faith and a little kid's hope
It's love that lasts and a life that's free
Without that simple'd be a complex thing
So put down your pack and come follow me
On this sojourn called simplicity
And I'll walk with you, and I'll give you a hand,
'Cause that's what makes me me, I'm a simple man

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